Lenten Reflections: Prayer as Thirst

“Loving trust is only the fruit of total surrender. You cannot have trust unless you are one with a person.”

– St. Mother Teresa


Prayer is an interesting thing, and essential to life. True prayer is an openness to God, a receptivity to His voice, and a trust in His love.

This week, Father Langford reminds us that Jesus calls each of us into intimate relationship with Him. In order to enter this relationship though, we need to come and see Jesus. We can only see Jesus and receive His love to the extent that we follow after Him and allow Him to love us.

Prayer requires stillness and silence, a sort of clarity. It is from this solitude that we can begin to listen to God, and then give ourselves to Him in love.

Just like any relationship, we must have an openness or receptivity, as well as a deep trust. Trust in God is possibly the most difficult part of prayer, but also the most essential. It requires us to be vulnerable and embrace what is uncertain and lovingly believe that God takes care of our needs.

When we trust God, we are saying, “God, I believe that you see me and you love me. I believe that all that you allow me to experience is for the good.”

Only when we trust in God’s love and mercy, can we begin to allow Him to quench our thirst for Him. At the same time, a surrender of trust quenches Jesus’ thirst for us because He wants our good which only He can fill.

Father Langford prays, “I and all that I have is yours. I give you the freedom to give me anything or to take away anything you may desire, to change or to rearrange anything in my life. I give myself to you unreservedly and unconditionally. I am yours.”

Challenge: Let us live this prayer this week by placing our trust in God in small matters, opening ourselves to His perfect love.

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