Allowing God to Work Through Us and Ourselves to Be His Instruments

     It it hard to believe that with all the power that God possesses, he chose to create each and every one of us and a beautiful world to thrive in. God does not need humans but to show his love for us, he blessed us with the ability to live a life and to do with it what we want. All we must do in return is to thank him for what he blessed us with and return to him through prayer. Mother Teresa found it hard to come to terms with the fact that God is so powerful and doesn’t need us but still loves us. She says “I wonder at His great humility and my smallness-nothingness.-I believe -this is where Jesus and I meet.-He is everything to me-and I-His own little one-so helpless-so empty-so small.” It is hard to understand why a being with such power could thrive on His own without any outside help, especially from humans. So why did God create the universe and humans when he doesn’t necessarily need us? 

       The answer is that he loves us. God loves us and so much so, that He gave us a life to live praising him. This life cannot be taken for granted. It’s true, we each have one life and we do not get another one. So live your life praising God and if you fall astray, always run back to Him because He will always welcome you with open arms. Use the gifts He has blessed you with the serve others. Do not live your life wasting away with the temporary happinesses of this life, find permanent happiness in living out the virtues and serving others. God loves us so much that He gave us this life, and we cannot take it for granted. So live your life seeking the permanent happinesses God blesses us with such as the Mass, the rosary, the virtues, serving others, etc. Live your life for God, and in return He will continue to bless you and save a spot for you with him eternally in Heaven. 

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