Lenten Reflections: The Dynamics of Thirst

“The combination of his love and our brokenness will always bring miracles of healing, in ourselves and in others.”

– Joseph Langford, I Thirst, 40 days with Mother Teresa


This week in Fr. Langford’s book, we are reminded of the roles that sin, brokenness, and faith play in our thirst for God and God’s thirst for us.

We are all thirsting for total satisfaction and rest in God. However, we can often become complacent or lukewarm in our faith. Lent gives us the opportunity to take a step inwards to ponder our desires and attachments, and whether or not they are in accord with our thirst for Christ.

Once we take time in prayer to become self-aware of our deepest longing for Christ and our distorted desires, we can then begin to ask Christ to heal us from our wounds, and surrender our thirsts to Him.

When we realize that we are thirsting for the Lord, we can begin to ask Him to heal us. We are reminded throughout the Gospels of Jesus’ desire to heal the sick and the broken-hearted. However, Jesus only heals when we come to Him with faith!

We can know that we are broken and longing for Christ, but unless we take the time in prayer to ponder and have faith in Christ’s goodness, we won’t end up showing Jesus the wound that we long for Him to heal.

Let us have great faith in Jesus’ goodness and mercy this week, and confidently allow Him to heal our wounds.

Challenge: “Jesus has a deep and personal longing to have you for himself. Let him do it.”

– St. Mother Teresa

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