What do we need to live in Our Lady’s Presence?

     In Joseph Langford’s, “In the Shadow of Our Lady,” we read about Mother Teresa’s relationship with Mother Mary. Langford talks about how Mother Teresa gives many attitudes in order for Mary to enter into our lives. The first few things we need are humility, poverty of spirit, and simplicity. These things have been seen in saints who are the closest with Mother Mary and can be used by everyone in order to obtain a close relationship with Mary. We must invite her into our lives with these gifts. The second thing we need is trust. We must trust that even when things are not going our way, that eventually everything will work out if we continue to trust in the Lord and Mary. Mother Teresa is always seen holding a rosary, as most nuns are. When she was asked why she always is holding it, she replied by saying that “the rosary reminds me that I am holding Our Lady’s hand and she will be with me every step of the way.” Mother Teresa always trusted in Mary as we all should because Mary will always takes care of us and love us. The third thing is humble obedience. Even though in this life, obstacles are thrown at us that we feel we cannot handle or sufferings that seem tp hard to bear. we still must trust God has a plan for everything. He has planned out each and every one of our lives. Difficult situations will come our way, but we must remain obedient in the will God has set for us and continue to trust in him. The fourth thing is contemplation. Contemplation is important in this life to realize the life we have been given and the beauty that God has placed us in.We must marvel at his beauty and contemplate his love for each and every one of us. Using these four things, we are able to create a better relationship with Our Lady. We need these four attitudes to allow Mary into our souls and into our lives. The greatest thing we can do is to pray the rosary, even if it only once a week. The rosary is her gift to us to better our relationship with her and to pray for others who are less fortunate and suffering. Better your relationship with Our Lady through these attitudes and by praying the rosary. 

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