Following Christ Through Darkness and Suffering

     In my last reflection, I explained Mother Teresa’s long period of emptiness in her guidance from the Lord. She endured this emptiness for many years. After many years, it became habit to know that she would get no response from the Lord when she prayed. She came to know this darkness in her life very well and quotes “I have come to love the darkness-for I believe now that it is a part a very, very small part of Jesus’ darkness & pain on earth. You have taught me to accept it as a “spiritual side of your work,” as you wrote.” Mother Teresa chose to find the light in her suffering and that there was a reason God had bestowed this suffering on her. 

    It would have been very easy for Mother Teresa to give up on her duty to serve the poorest of the poor, and shut God out of her life completely for what felt like he was ignoring her and didn’t love her. I know if I was in her situation it would have been very easy to just walk away and begin a new life. Mother Teresa found the light in her suffering and we should all try to find the light in our own sufferings. This goes especially for those sufferings we cannot control such as an illness. We ask the question “Why is God putting me through this sickness or this issue in my life?” The answer is that God does everything for a reason. He gives us suffering in this life to see if you will run to him for guidance in your life or run away from him. God always wants us to run to him and ask him for help in our lives. Even when our suffering seems unbearable, we must continue to trust in his plan for each one of us. When times get tough, trust in the Lord and follow Mother Teresa’s way of finding the light in every suffering. Trust the Lord and find the light in all sufferings endured in this life.  

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