How the Mary’s Heart Can Lead Us Closer to Her Son

        When a woman becomes pregnant, she forms a special bond with the being growing inside her. When the child is born, the mother knows what to do when the child is sad or upset. Mothers know when something is wrong and when something is bothering their child. Mary knew all of these things and what deeply affected Jesus such as the sins of all of the people of this world and that in order to save everyone from sin, he had to die on the cross. Mary knew her son’s heart in what troubled him and in what made him happy. What makes Jesus happy is when we continue to return to him through prayer and sacrifice. 

      When we grow closer to Mary, we are also growing closer to Jesus. One way in which we can do this is by showing undivided love to God and to our neighbor. Mother Teresa reflects heavily on Mary’s undivided love towards others. Mother Teresa recognized this undivided love towards others and made it her life goal to serve those less fortunate than us. She used it as her life goal and held it dear to her heart through poverty of spirit, humility, silence, thoughtfulness, and haste in service. Mother Teresa wanted to live her life like Mary with undivided love because it resembled the “yes” that Mary gave to God when she responded to his call of being the Mother of His only son who would save the world from sin. Mother Teresa reflected heavily on Mother’s heart knowing that by growing closer with Mary, she would only grow closer in her relationship with Jesus. 

     We must follow in Mary’s example of giving undivided love to others no matter their physical or spiritual appearance. We can do this by praying the rosary for someone who we do not want to or for those who are suffering in poor countries of the world. We can also go to serve in the poor communities around us such as serving at soup kitchens, going to help build homes, donating to food pantries, etc. There is always a lost heart near but we must go out of our way to show undivided love to those who some might think do not deserve it. Continue to pray the rosary everyday as it is Mother Mary’s gift to us in order to stop the flow of sin in our everyday lives. 

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