Celebrating Pope St. John Paul II

“I believe in the youth with all my heart and with all the strength of my conviction.”

– Pope St. John Paul II


This week we celebrate the feast of Pope Saint John Paul II, who is perhaps one of the most known saints of our time.

There’s a million things to say about JPII… but when asking my friend Maria what stands out to her about JPII, she said his youthfulness, even in his old age!

John Paul II had a great sense of joy and liveliness throughout his whole life – he loved life! He loved to hike, camp, talk with friends, write & act in plays, and most especially, loved to spend time with the youth. In fact, during his papacy he was known as an “eternal teenager”.

John Paul II had a great respect for the youth because he saw how close they were to Christ by their courage, joy, and enthusiasm. Because of this JPII sought to model the young people by modeling these virtues in his own life.

It was through this youthfulness that JPII was able to remain humble, faithful, and connect with all ages and cultures.

Likewise, Mother Teresa carried a great sense of youthfulness, even in her old age. She went in haste and joy to always serve the poor, while also having a great love for the young people on the streets.

Let us always enjoy life and carry lighthearted, joyous love for Christ and our neighbors!

Challenge: “Dear young people, do not be content with anything less than the highest ideals!”

– Pope St. John Paul II

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