Advent: Peace & Patience

“I will hear what God proclaims; the Lord – for he proclaims peace to his people.”

– Psalm 85:9


Traditionally, peace is the focus for the second week of Advent. In the gospel reading this week, it is clear that Jesus does not want to leave the people helpless and alone in their sinful struggles, but wants to heal them. Jesus desires peace for His people.

However, sin is a disordering within the soul that keeps us from peace. It is a disease that separates not only man from God, but also man from the best version of himself.

Throughout Advent we constantly hear the calling to repentance and renewal. With repentant hearts, we must wait patiently for the coming of the Savior, just like the Israelites.

The ancient Israelites knew they were in need of a Savior because of their sins. It was their sin that kept their souls in disarray, and robbed them of peace. They constantly struggled to be patient and vigilant in their times of waiting and hoping. However, those who were truly patient had abiding peace like our mother, Mary while awaiting the Savior.

As we enter the Advent Season and await the coming of the Savior, just like the Israelites, let us reflect on our pursuit of peace.

Are we waiting and hoping patiently and peacefully? Do we trust that God will be with us and give us all that we need? Let us together repent and wait in hope for our Savior, and seek to live in accordance with His grace and peace.

Challenge: Ponder the times in your life that have been moments of peace. What made these times different?

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