The Dignity of Life

“To destroy the life of the child is to destroy the presence of God in the world.”

– St. Mother Teresa


Do we believe life is a miracle? Do we believe that God given dignity is worth celebrating and defending? After all, every person is flawed because of sin – is it worth taking on the burdens of another person simply because they have dignity?

Mother Teresa believed in the miracle of God given human dignity with every ounce of her being. In fact, Mother’s work of service to the poorest of the poor would be pointless if each person didn’t have a dignity that was purposeful or worthy of celebration.

But life is, in fact, purposeful. God has created each person in His image, and this is a gift beyond telling. This is why life must not only be defended, but celebrated in each stage.

Abortion is a major tragedy because it neither protects nor celebrates life. Each time another person is conceived, God makes Himself even more present in the world because of the gift of Himself that is placed within each person. Abortion robs not only a baby from the opportunity to live, but robs the world from the opportunity to receive the Lord through the child.

Like Mother Teresa, let us make it our mission not only to defend, but celebrate each human life we encounter. Let us especially pray for those who are in danger of losing their lives because of abortion.

Challenge: “Whatever you did to my least brother you did to me.”

– Jesus

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