Our Lady

“I ask Our Lady to give you her heart – so beautiful, so pure, so loving, so humble.”

– St. Mother Teresa


Our beautiful mother, Mary. Gentle, prayerful, and humble. Mary has so much love for Our Lord, and therefore, for all of mankind.

Mother Teresa knew the importance of Mary, and relied on her heavily. Mother would say, “if there were no Mary, there would be no Jesus.”

Mother sought to emulate Our Lady’s life because of her great humility, trust, and enthusiastic “yes” to God to serve those around her. Mary is the most beautiful of women because of her humility and simplicity, and her ability to continually follow God’s call with joy.

It was through Mary that Mother Teresa did all things. Mother’s greatest longing was to be close to Jesus and satiate His thirst, and it was through the help of Mary that Mother grew in love and service of Our Lord.

Even the greatest of mothers need mothers, and Mother Teresa saw Mary as her own mother. I know I rely on my mom very much, and enjoy learning from her experience and being in her company. I think Mother Teresa felt a similar way about Mary, especially since Jesus gave His mother to each of us.

Let us ask Our Lady to be with us and guide us in humility to greater love of Jesus!

Challenge: “Be only all for Jesus through Mary

– St. Mother Teresa

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