“You did it to me.”



Every person is capable of love, in fact, love is what people are made for.

Mother Teresa pondered what her actions would be without love… they would be nothing. Mother’s whole life and dedication to the poorest of the poor was based on love for God.

How is one to love God when He is invisible? Mother Teresa knew the secret was to love God in each person He created around her. That they were a living expression of God, and likewise, her vocation was to be the living expression of God’s love to them. She could not love God merely by prayer or Mass, but her love had to be expressed in real actions: spending time with, healing, singing, dancing, listening to all those around her. To love means to act.


Mother Teresa has taught me that if I find myself too busy to show love to someone near me, then I am far too distracted with the wrong things. God has purposefully and lovingly placed me in my circumstance – and I have the choice to love Him back in my actions towards others or not.

Challenge: “Will you do something beautiful for God?”

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