Bringing Joy to the Heart of Jesus by Accepting His Will

      In Mother Teresa’s later years, she began to experience the struggle of a drought in her prayer. She would go long periods of time without hearing any guidance from the Lord. During this time, Mother Teresa began to seek guidance from a priest addressed as Father Van Exem. Mother Teresa spent lots of time in confession with Father Van Exem to receive some guidance during this hard time. Since Mother spent so much time in the confessional, the other sisters began to spread rumors that there was a secret relationship between Father Van Exem and Mother Teresa. Because of this, the archbishop had to send Mother Teresa to a new location in order to ensure that nothing was going on. Even though these rumors were clearly false, Mother Teresa did not speak poorly of those that spoke poorly on her name. Instead, Mother followed God’s will for her to be sent to a new location in Asansol which is in Calcutta, India. Mother Teresa remained charitable during this time and her trust remained constant in God’s will for her. 

    Even when life throws obstacles at us or we are placed in a unjust situation, we must remember that God places us in these situations in order to return to Him. When we are faced with these obstacles of hardship, we need to spend time with the Lord. Trust in the Lord and believe that He has a plan for each one of us even when it may seem that the obstacles thrown at us are too hard to bear. In the previous reflection, I listed two ways in which we can listen to the call that God is telling us to follow. Now we must choose to follow God’s will even when it seems too difficult or maybe we are placed in an unjust situation. God’s will for each one of us is to serve others, so when we don’t see a clear path of what we are to do in life, or we run into obstacles in our lives, turn towards prayer and serving others. Mother Teresa did not complain about what she was to do next but simply begun her next journey, serving others with the love of Jesus Christ. Mother Teresa could have spoken poorly about those who spread rumors about her to the archbishop and also become frustrated with the archbishop for moving Mother to a new location based on a few rumors. Instead, she remained charitable and faithful to God, trusting in his plan for her and that there was a purpose for why she was being moved. We must stay trusting in the Lord and in his plan for each one of us. Spend time with Our Father and Mother Mary. Ask them for the guidance you need. Serve others with the love of Jesus Christ. 

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