Summer Service Opportunities

Trips in America: 

In Chicago:

Working with the sisters over the summer involves a particular dedication to children. In Chicago the day starts with mass and service at the soup kitchen, followed by summer camp. Children gather around the sisters and spend the evening playing basketball, doing arts and crafts, and a catechism class. The time the children spend with the sisters fills them with joy. It is a blessing to be a part of it and serve as witness of God’s love for all of his children, from the homeless in the soup kitchen to the kids in inner-city areas.


In Atlanta: 

In Atlanta we the day with mass with the sisters. We then spend the day caring for Burmese immigrants. You will be asked to do any number of things including playing with the children, preparing food, mopping, leading music time or arts and crafts. Two days a week you will help the sisters take the children on an outing somewhere in the city. At the end of the day there is holy hour and dinner with the sisters.


California, Pacifica:

While working in Pacifica you will be staying with the sisters in San Francisco. We helped the sisters provide for unwed expectant mothers, helped care for the kids at their summer camps, and worked in a soup kitchen. Additionally we spent time in the Pacifica house for men dying of AIDS. This trip provides an array of service opportunities to help missionaries grow.

Washington D.C:

In Washington D.C. we will spend time working with HIV patients, developmentally disabled people, and elderly. Additionally we will be helping the sisters with their children’s summer camp.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: 

In Louisiana we help the sisters with their Bible camp for very impoverished children.



International Trips:

In the Dominican Republic (Mata De Palma and Mata de Farfan):

The Dominican is a beautiful opportunity for students to serve the severely impoverished. In the mornings we do a bible camp with kids from very poor villages. We play with them, do arts and crafts and feed them nourishing meals. In the afternoon we return with the sisters and help care for the malnourished babies in the home for Haitians.

New Mission Trips:

Paris, France: 

In Paris we will be working in a Soup Kitchen and Women’s Shelter.

Liverpool, England: 

In Liverpool we will need a few students to help with a Bible Camp for children.

Newcastle, England: 

In Newcastle we will need a few students to help with a Summer Camp for children.


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